Step 1.

Free Initial Consultation

At Credit Pro Center, each of our clients start with a free consultation. This conversation will determine your particular needs and suitability for our program.

Step 2.

Sign Up & Credit Audit

Within 3 to 5 business days after we receive your signed agreement and credit file, we will set up your account, review and analyze, line by line, your credit reports. We will look for:

✓ Expired items
✓ Incompletely reporting items
✓ Errors, mistakes
✓ Items that are not yours;
✓ Anything else that may be misleading or incorrect on your report.

We report our findings with you during a session, review our report with you, and create a game plan for cleaning up your credit report and raising your credit score.

Step 3.

Strategy & Plan of Action

As we discussed above, we will create a strategy and plan of action to challenge all accounts that we find to be erroneous, inaccurate, incomplete, obsolete or unverified with the three major credit reporting agencies. The credit repair professionals at Credit Pro Center will educate you on:

✓ Steps you should take in order to improve your credit rating;
✓ How to create and maintain a healthy credit report.

Step 4.

Get Results & Enjoy Benefits

Credit Pro Center will write dispute letters to the credit reporting agencies challenging all items that we have identified during the Audit Consultation session as incomplete, inaccurate and/or erroneous. While we do not guarantee the outcome of disputes, we do guaranty that you will get our best efforts and the benefit of our years of experience.

Call Credit Pro Center today! Today is the day that you start to get your credit cleaned up and error free.


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Today is the day that you start to get your credit cleaned up and error free

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